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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to our members.


A person of either gender, age and religion.

Loan Products

We give loans to every member who applies at an interest rate of 1% on a reducing balance.


Enjoy credit at anytime for your socioeconomic growth.

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  • A person of either gender. We register for minor accounts, Personal accounts ( 18 years and over ), and Cooperate accounts. All these is to support Consolata Shrine Parishioners, non-parishioners, Catholics and Non-Catholics.
  • Every applicant for membership shall complete the prescribed application form applicable at the Parish office, shared via e-mail or downloaded from the ‘Downloads’ in the Menu bar.
  • Membership fee is KSH.300.00 ONLY. A member must purchase a minimum of 5 shares valued at KSH. 20/= per share and must contribute monthly at least KSH. 50/= to keep the account active.
  • Members are requested to deposit their shares contributions through MPesa or Bank then forward the MPesa SMS or bank slip copy to our Consolata Parish self-help office during working hours and/or on every first Sunday of the month at the gazebo.


  • Save into your account through MPesa, direct bank deposits, Cheques or Standing orders from your comfort location.
  • Permissive saving culture; Save any amount you wish for KSH.50.00, anytime, as per your abilities and plan.
  • We have mobilized reasonable share capital  which is invested in  bonds, treasury bills and Fixed Deposits.
  • We also enjoy the one per cent interest on loan repayments.
  • Enjoy dividends annually.
  • Borrow up-to a maximum of 3 times your savings. @6.5% interest rate per Year ( 1% interest per month reducing balance).
  • Repayment period of up to 36 months for loans below 1 Million and up to 60 months for all loans above 1 Millions.3-
  • 5 days loan processing period.
  • Fellow members will guarantee you for loans that require guarantor-ship.
  • No commissions charged.
  • Emailed Statements as per member request.
  • We facilitate your network by organizing several networking meetings in a year.
  • Friendly and dedicated services.
  • All age groups are covered.

We are here to serve you....

Please Come 60%
Register yourself 70%
Start Saving 80%
Borrow a Loan 90%
Be empowered 100%

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